1. the first photo-essay


    The hardest part is to select the images that will end up in the book. But ultimately, one just has to cut the rope. So, ladies and gentlemen, it is a pleasure to present my first photo-essay, and in book form nonetheless.

    The best part is probably that IT IS FREE.

  2. Ganesh, not an unfamiliar sight in the SE Asian Buddhist neighborhood

  3. Mighty Mouse

  4. Prelude

  5. Tales of the underworld

  7. Early morning at the garment market (Psar Olympique)

  8. Buddha’s flower

  9. At the pagoda (Pchum Ben festival)

  10. Food for the spirits (Pchum Ben festival)

  11. where the river meets the city

  12. Closed

  13. Way to blue

  14. Daily sunrise view

  15. Colors of Cambodia